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Experience Beauty, Health, Vitality and Peak Performance!

Imagine yourself with the energy, beauty and strength you have always dreamed of. Picture yourself confident in your mental and physical condition. Envision having control over your work or sport environment, easily able to remain sharp and healthy. You can make this a reality.

The Body Tailor is a company of personal training specialists and holistic healthcare practitioners. The success of our practice is based on individual physiological evaluations prior to strength training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. We know that one fitness/health program will not work for all minds and bodies, and its our job to lead you in the right direction.

The Body Tailor will help you make fitness something that is easy to maintain and enjoy in all aspects of your life. We will organize all your efforts, providing critical support to your current medical providers or athletic professionals. We are the pivotal element to the success of any fitness and wellness program. The Body Tailor will keep you focused, and help you bridge the gap between your goals and achieving results that last.

The Body Tailor can help you overcome:

   Weight problems
   Back and neck pain
   Joint and muscle pain
   Chronic injuries
   Sugar cravings
   Aesthetic challenges
   Blood sugar imbalance
   High blood pressure
   Hormone imbalance
   Cholesterol issues
   Intestinal disorders
   Low energy and chronic fatigue
   Work/sport related limitations
   Performance plateaus
   Pre and post natal training challenges
   And more

When You're Ready To Take Your Body Seriously…
413.549.1969 or Office@BodyTailor.com