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Clinics are designed to help you understand your body in order to give you a measure of daily control over your goals. The focus is on education as well as action, and each one contains presentation and practice. Beginners are always welcome, and any week is a good week to start.

Exercise Wise:  Essential Lessons In Health and Fitness.  Thursdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm 

This is a unique opportunity to fine tune your movements and evolve your understanding of exercise.  The objective is to make quality the focus of your efforts, prioritizing the ‘How’ over the ‘How-many’.

This is a learn-by-doing event, education through strength training.  It’s not your AM Boot Camp, or Cross Fit blast, but you’ll remember you were here. Each lesson will improve your experience in all of your training activities, and facilitate progress in any your health objectives.  We welcome your injuries and challenges, The Body Tailor is the place to overcome your obstacles.

Come for any class or every class. 

15 per day, or 50 for five classes.  (Sign-up Special:   99 for five classes and 1-hr private lesson.)


When You're Ready To Take Your Body Seriously…
413.549.1969 or Office@BodyTailor.com